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dissolution of marriage / divorce

Dissolution of Marriage / Divorce

Florida is a no fault state for divorce, which means that you do not need to prove fault on the part of your spouse (i.e. adultery, abandonment, etc. …) in order to obtain a divorce in Florida. The two means by which a divorce can be obtained in Florida is if the marriage is irretrievably broken, or if one spouse is mentally incapacitated.  The divorce process consists of a complex of challenges — not just legal but parental, financial and emotional.  Barbra Amron Weisberg, P.A., is fully devoted to making sure you are prepared for and adjust to all of the challenges and changes that you and your family will undergo, and our aim is to protect your interests across the broad spectrum of challenges you will need to meet and overcome. Even though fault is not required to obtain a divorce, fault can play a factor when awarding alimony as well as when determining an equitable distribution of the assets and liabilities of the parties.

Handling Divorce Cases in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida

In almost every divorce case in South Florida you first need to fully understand your rights, responsibilities and alternatives with respect to various issues, and decide what is best for you and your children. Once we have completed that process and you are in a position to develop clear goals and objectives, we can help you handle problems with respect to:

While most of these issues are eventually resolved through negotiation or mediation, it is sometimes necessary to present your legal and factual position in court.  But more often, previously demonstrated ability to convince a family court judge of the soundness of your position under the facts will give you the leverage you need to achieve a settlement more quickly and inexpensively than you would through hearing.

Common law marriages entered into in Florida after January 1, 1968 are not valid, as Florida does not recognize common law marriages. However, a common law marriage validly entered into in another state will be recognized in Florida.  In order to qualify to file for a dissolution of marriage in Florida, one of the spouses must have lived in Florida for at least six months before filing a petition for dissolution of marriage.

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At Barbra Amron Weisberg, P.A., our experience and skill in divorce litigation adds an extra dimension to our Boca Raton client service. Although we might not ever need to take your case to court, our ability to do so from a position of strength can definitely influence the direction and outcome of our negotiations on any disputed issue.  Our practical, fully-informed advice and formidable trial skills can benefit our clients with respect to property division, parenting plans, alimony or child support. To learn how our focus on your immediate and long-range interests can benefit you in a family law matter of any complexity, contact Barbra Amron Weisberg, P.A. in Boca Raton.