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What to Consider When Hiring a Family Law Attorney

A good family lawyer can make all the difference in how confident you feel going through the divorce process.  Barbra Amron Weisberg, PA in Boca Raton maintains a limited caseload as experienced support staff in order to give their clients the personal attention that people involved in divorce cases require. Every client gets the attorney’s personal cell phone numbers because at we realize that issues arise befor Divorce Family Law in Fort Lauderdale e and after working hours.

Experience: The first thing you will want to look for when hiring an attorney to handle your divorce and family law is experience practicing family law.  Experience in the field of family law  and divorce can only be gained from decades of hands on practice in the strategic planning, preparation for and execution of evidentiary hearings and trials. 

Availability:  We strive to make ourselves available as often as reasonably possible.  However, there are times when our staff can not be so we have a co-counsel arrangement with another experienced family law trial attorney - Steven M. Pesso, Esq. of the Law Offices of Steven M. Pesso, PA.

Chemistry: Because of the stressful nature of divorce litigation, the high stakes involved, and the intimate details that must be shared in a divorce case, it is very important for you to feel comfortable with and confident in your choice of counsel. There are many divorce lawyers with comparable years of experience — the difference in success is the relationship between client and lawyer. A trust relationship allows the client to truly be part of the litigation team, and to be an active participant in the case. This is not possible when a client is intimidated by his or her attorney.

Honesty: A good family law attorney will be candid about your chances of obtaining a certain outcome on a particular issue, such as child custody, child support, or alimony. He or she will stress that it is important for your objectives to be realistic and reasonable. When an attorney makes unrealistic promises, it is likely that you will be disappointed with the outcome of your case. Moreover, a judge is less likely to decide a close issue in your favor if you are wasting the court’s time on frivolous matters.


Your children: If you have minor children, your attorney should emphasize the importance of putting your children’s needs first during the divorce process. An attorney who truly has concern for your children’s wellbeing will not pursue unreasonable child support or encourage you to seek vindictive or selfish child custody arrangements.

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This is an important decision that should not be taken lightly.  We look forward to having the opportunity to represent your interests aggressively, effectively and professionally.


If you are facing divorce or have another family law concern, please contact Barbra Amron Weisberg, PA, a family law - law firm in Boca Raton, to learn more about our services and our approach to family law. We serve clients throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties.