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Often when one party in a high net worth divorce does not fully disclose all assets, forensic accounting is needed. If you are seeking a divorce and you believe your spouse is hiding assets or has off-shore accounts, Barbra Amron Weisberg, PA can help you. We have experience in divorce cases involving hidden assets and forensic accounting. At Barbra Amron Weisberg, P.A., we understand the anxiety and stress of divorce, particularly when it comes to property division. We seek to make sure our clients receive their fair share of assets, taking actions to accurately compute the value of the marital estate and to reveal any bank accounts or other assets held by your spouse. We are skilled trial attorneys and effective negotiators, able to represent our clients well in settlement negotiations, in mediation and at trial.


Property is subject to the division of assets, whereas separate and inherited property will not typically be subject to division. When a party hides assets or fails to properly disclose all assets, there is not a fair split or accurate record of all relevant property. We will work closely with you to determine if your spouse is hiding assets and if so, to discover any hidden assets so that they can be split up between the two of you according to the law. We frequently utilize the expertise of forensic accountants, CPAs, financial appraisers, property appraisers and any other type of professionals required for your case. The goal is to determine the location of hidden assets as well as their value.