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Modification of Child Support, Time-sharing and Alimony

Because people’s needs, capacities and circumstances change over time, Florida laws provide for the modification of child support, child custody arrangements (parenting plans), time sharing or alimony.  If you need a lawyer’s advice about the modification of an order or decree after the divorce is final, contact our Modification in Boca Raton attorneys at Barbra Amron Weisberg, P.A., to learn about your rights and alternatives.

Helping You Modify Support or Parenting Plans in Florida

Getting a family court judge to grant your motion to modify a child support, a parenting plan or an alimony order will depend on your ability to prove a significant change of circumstances that relates directly to the problem at hand. In cases involving child custody or visitation modifications (time-sharing modifications), you might also have to prove that the change you propose is in the best interests of the child involved.

Common Types of Modification

At Barbra Amron Weisberg, P.A., our Boca Raton family law attorneys are experienced in handling modifications of all types of family court orders, including:

  • Child support modification: Has either parent’s income increased or decreased due to a new job or being terminated? Have child care or health care requirements significantly changed?
  • Child custody/parenting plan modification: Does a new job require you to relocate or more than 50 miles? Has there been a change in your work schedule affecting your ability to accommodate the current time-sharing arrangement in the parenting plan?
  • Alimony or spousal support modification: Has your ex-spouse become self-supporting after a period of rehabilitation? Has he or she started living with another individual or remarried? Has your financial situation changed, affecting your ability to pay alimony?

When life changes, it is important that current court orders are adapted to accommodate those changes. Our Boca Raton modification lawyers can advise you of your rights and guide you through the legal process — whether you are requesting the modification or contesting it.  At Barbra Amron Weisberg, P.A. our attorneys’ experience with Florida law and procedure can give you a good idea of the likelihood that any proposed modification will or won’t be approved. If you’re considering opposeing a motion for modification, we can help you pick your battles.

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For additional information, contact a family law attorney at Barbra Amron Weisberg, P.A., in Boca Raton.  Our practical advice and formidable trial skills can benefit anyone who anticipates problems with property division, parenting plans, alimony or child support. To learn how our focus on your immediate and long-range interests can benefit you in a divorce of any complexity, contact Barbra Amron Weisberg, P.A. in Boca Raton.