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Paternity law

Any woman who has a child or is pregnant, any man who believes that he is the father of a child, or any child, may bring proceedings in the circuit court to determine the paternity of the child when paternity has not been established by law or otherwise.  When a paternity action is brought, Barbra Amron Weisberg, P.A. works to ensure that both of the parents understand their separate responsibilities to the child or children involved. The parents both have a right to be an active part of their children’s lives along with a corresponding duty to support the children.  No matter the situation, establishing parentage of a child not only gives parental rights to the proper father, but also ensures the proper father is given responsibility for child support.  We explain the importance of establishing paternity. Establishing paternity is essential for unwed couples if they separate and a parent seeks child custody or needs to obtain child support. Fathers’ rights and mothers’ rights, while being equal, need to be determined by a court.  Other aspects of a paternity action include establishing a holiday time-sharing schedule, dividing the payment of medical insurance, extracurricular activities, birth-related expenses, uncovered/non-covered medical expenses, as well as placing the father on the child’s birth certificate, changing the child’s name, and dividing up the dependency exemption for the child.

Paternity cases generally are necessary when the un-married parents of a child disagree on time-sharing, which then necessitates court intervention to establish the father’s legal rights; otherwise, unfortunately in the State of Florida the father is unable to legally exercise his time-sharing rights when the mother objects. This situation is unnecessary when both the mother and father are married at the time the child is born.

DNA Testing

Florida Statutes Section 742.12 permits a court to require the child, mother, and the proposed father to submit to DNA testing to find out what the probability is that the father and child are a genetic match.  DNA testing technology has drastically improved in recent years. A quick and painless swab from the inside of the cheek can be the key to gaining access to a child or obtaining child support. We will explain the DNA testing process and help you request that a test be performed. Once the court has established paternity, the related custody and child support matters can be dealt with.

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