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Although we are always prepared for trial, our goal is to help you avoid long, drawn out battles in court through successful mediation.

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We are dedicated to easing your stress in difficult times so that you can move forward with confidence.  

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We realize how much is at stake in family law matters, and that emergencies rarely happen during normal business hours, therefore access to an attorney is only a text, call or email away.

Firms Published Legal Opinions - Citations

Over the years Barbra Amron Weisberg, Esq., has participated in, and been cited in multiple appellate cases, including family and criminal law matters.

Experience and Training

Starting back in law school in 1992, Barbra Amron Weisberg received valuable experience and training while working for and Co-Counseling with some of the finest Judges & Family Law Firms in South Florida, including Former Judge Amy Steele Donner, Andy Leinoff, PA, Bluestein & Wayne, P.A. and Schuttler & Greenberg, PA. In addition, Mrs. Weisberg received appellate training with The State of Florida Attorney General's Office which experience proves valuable in making sure that appeals are properly preserved at the trial court level.

Of Counsel to The Law Offices of Steven M. Pesso, PA

When our staff is unavailable due to vacation, illness or otherwise, or if additional resources are needed on a case, we have coverage through a mutual Of Counsel relationship with The Law Offices Of Steven M. Pesso, PA.   Mr. Pesso has over 25 years of experience handling all aspects of complex family and criminal law cases.  He has advocated for clients in over 150 trials before juries and judges.  Mr. Pesso has briefed, and argued, three case before the Florida State Supreme Court and has numerous published opinions on behalf of his clients from the Fourth District Court of Appeal.

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